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May 9, 2024 (2 months ago)

Script Hook V offers even greater flexibility for experienced modders. ScriptHookVDotNet -You now have the option to run your scripts directly within the main thread instead of a separate, dedicated thread. To utilize this feature, simply set the NoScriptThread attribute to true within your ScriptAttributes. Important note: Script.Yield() and Script.Wait() functionality will become unavailable and throw exceptions when NoScriptThread is set to true. This includes situations where certain scripting APIs (like World.CreateVehicle()) might trigger these functions internally.

Additionally, the NativeHashes enums (for v3 API users) have been updated to reflect newly revealed native function names found in the 1.0.2699 source leak. Be aware that previously compiled scripts may not function correctly as these enums are embedded during compilation. Refer to commit f2edb0e for a detailed list of the specific changes made.

Community Script Hook V.NET is an ASI plugin that lets you run scripts written in any.NET language in-game. The full source code is available on Github (Changelog). Contributions are welcome as development is community-driven and open to all.

Developers can use the NuGet package from

  • Installation
  • Install both the Microsoft.NET Framework 4.8 (or higher; skip this on Windows 10) and the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2019 (x64).
  • Download and install the latest version of Script Hook V.
  • Download Community Script Hook V.NET and place the ScriptHookVDotNet.asi, ScriptHookVDotNet2.dll, and ScriptHookVDotNet3.dll files in the game directory.


  • ded ShapeTest class, ShapeTestHandle and ShapeTestResult structs, and ShapeTestStatus and ShapeTestOptions
    • Made World.RaycastCapsule() as obsolete because the result may not be made in the same frame you call the method despite START_SHAPE_TEST_CAPSULE asynchronous. Use ShapeTest.StartTestCapsule() instead.
  • Added missing values to IntersectFlags and old incorrect value as obsolete
  • Added TaskInvoker.StartVehicleMission()TaskInvoker.StartHeliMission()TaskInvoker.StartPlaneMission(), and TaskInvoker.StartBoatMission()Vehicle.GetActiveMissionType() methods, VehicleMissionTypeBoatMissionFlags, and HeliMissionFlags enums
  • Added Vehicle.BringToHalt()Vehicle.BringToHalt()Vehicle.StopBringingToHalt() methods, and IsBeingBroughtToHalt property
  • Added Vehicle.IsParachuteDeployedVehicle.IsRocketBoostActiveVehicle.StartParachuting(), and the setters of IsLeftIndicatorLightOn and IsRightIndicatorLightOn
  • Added Projectile.FromHandle()
  • Added EulerRotationOrder enum
  • Added the accurate documentation to Ped.AlwaysKeepTask and Ped.BlockPermanentEvents
    • Note that Ped.AlwaysKeepTask only take effect when you call Ped.MarkAsNoLongerNeeded() or set Ped.IsPersistent to false as previous versions.
  • Added new peds, vehicles, weapons, weapon components, and blip sprites to PedHashVehicleHashWeaponHashWeaponComponentHash, and BlipSprite enums
  • Added missing values to AnimationFlags and documentations for all values and made 2 old values as obsolete
  • Added missing values to Font of v3 API and documentations for all values
  • Added missing values to VehicleDrivingFlags and old incorrect values as obsolete
  • Added missing value for INPUT_VEH_FLY_BOOST to Control enum
    • For developers, if you use VehicleParachuteVehicleBikeWingsVehicleFlyBombBayVehicleFlyCounterVehicleFlyTransformQuadLocoReverseRespawnFasterHudmarkerSelect, you should compile against v3.6.0 (v2.11.6.0 for v2 API) or later versions of SHVDN since enum values are compiled as constant values.
  • Added missing values to EnterVehicleFlags and EnterVehicleFlags and old incorrect values of EnterVehicleFlags as obsolete
  • Added missing value to Dead to Relationship and documentations for most values to tell script developers accurate names
  • Added missing values to VehicleWeaponHash
  • Fixed WeaponComponentCollection (Ped.Weapon.Components) crashing the game on the collection accessed in 1.0.2802.0 or later
  • Fixed World.CreateParticleEffect not working with entity
  • Fixed Ped.CanBeKnockedOffBike
  • Fixed the setter of Vehicle.RadioStation
  • Fixed the Entity.MaxHealthFloat not working correctly in 1.0.2699.16 or later
  • Fixed the countermeasure for vehicle despawning not working in 1.0.2802.0 or later
  • Fixed exception when attempting to initialize a custom script instance
  • Made Weapon.LocalizedName and WeaponComponent.LocalizedName faster.
  • Made Ped.LastVehicle more reliable. No longer returns null when the ped is going to a entry point (door) or opening the door, or returns a Vehicle instance that are for the vehicle the ped is getting in.
  • Updated Formation and old values as obsolete
  • Updated ParachuteLandingType and old values as obsolete

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