Script Hook V + Native Trainer v1.0.3095.0 Download

May 9, 2024 (2 months ago)

What is Script Hook V?

Script Hook V is a powerful library designed specifically for Grand Theft Auto V. It allows you to use specialized code (in the form of *.asi plugins) to modify and dramatically expand your gameplay experience within the single-player portion of the game. Please note: Script Hook V intentionally disables itself in GTA Online, ensuring fair play for everyone in the multiplayer environment.

What Comes With Script Hook V?

Script Hook V doesn’t just provide the modding framework; it also includes helpful tools to get you started:

  • Asi Loader: This is crucial for running your custom *.asi plugins.
  • Native Trainer: A sample plugin that provides a powerful in-game menu, letting you experiment with features like teleportation, vehicle spawning, and more.

Installation: Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Place the “ScriptHookV.dll” file directly into your main GTA V game folder (where the “GTA5.exe” file is).
  2. Get an Asi Loader. Either download the latest version separately or just use the included “dinput8.dll” file. (Delete any older Asi Loader versions you might have).
  3. (Optional) For the Native Trainer, copy the “NativeTrainer.asi” file to your game folder.

Native Trainer Controls (If Installed)

  • F4: Open/Close the trainer menu
  • Numlock ON, then NUM2/8/4/6: Navigate the menu
  • NUM5: Make a selection
  • NUM0/BACKSPACE/F4: Go back in the menu
  • NUM9/3: Vehicle boost
  • NUM+: Vehicle rockets

Important Note: When a new GTA V update comes out, the only thing you should need to replace for your mods to keep working is the “ScriptHookV.dll” file.

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