Mod Menu Base for Developers (C++)

Mod Menu Base for Developers (C++)- In the immense gaming world where modding has come into being as a source of creativeness, it provides players to mold their gaming experience by personalisation with the desired choices. For instance, it is indeed quite alluring to personalize in-game themes like those of appearances by the nature of the character a player creates. This article goes to the effect of changing the default colour themes to create harmony both with the personality traits and the immersive and adaptation capabilities of the individual player.


Often a significant deal of character traits, personalities and unique stories are associated with the figures in particular games. From the spiritual hero to the trickster villain in each character type, the video game compartment will take movie goers into a different world. Exploiting this diversity, modgers have already established a way to correlate hues with character archetypes giving the whole experience an even more visual boost.


To perform this, the processors utilize the extension functions which are predefined. As components of the game that are employed to change the ingame actions into the reflection of certain character traits, they can be considered the building blocks. Some commonly used functions include:Some commonly used functions include:

  • DRAW_TEXT: Renders text onto the game screen, facilitating narrative elements or character dialogues.
  • DRAW_SPRITE: Displays visual assets such as icons or symbols, contributing to the game’s aesthetics.
  • CREATE_VEHICLE: Spawns vehicles within the game environment, allowing for transportation tailored to the character’s persona.
  • SET_PLAYER_MODEL: Changes the appearance of the player character, aligning visuals with the selected character type.
  • SET_ENTITY_COORDS: Adjusts the position of in-game entities, enabling dynamic scene arrangements.


For instance, if a virtual influence is acting ruthlessly, it could impact the individual’s perspective and decision-making abilities, potentially leading to aggressive or otherwise unethical behavior.
Navigation in games is a key aspect which modders simply solve by defining/assigning default controls to keys or mouse buttons. These controls simplify the game and make it more likeable. More so, they grant users accessibility. Here are some default controls and their corresponding key bindings:Here are some default controls and their corresponding key bindings:

  • C_Open_First: R1 (Controller) / VK_F5 (Keyboard)
  • C_Open_Second: Square (Controller)
  • C_TabLeft, C_TabRight: L1, R1 (Controller) / VK_NUMPAD7, VK_NUMPAD9 (Keyboard)
  • C_BackClose: Circle (Controller) / VK_NUMPAD0 (Keyboard)
  • C_Select: X (Controller) / VK_NUMPAD5 (Keyboard)


“Modding” (modification) will play a role of an outlet for imagination and modification in gaming genre. With a clever path of colors and types of character, modifying makers unlock the depth and reality of gaming. It does not matter if players decide to go on quests as long as they see or use any of the dangers involved, they will always have the experience of how they interact with their colorful, highly stylized worlds as they journey to their goals.

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