Grand-Theft-Manager v2.0 Download For GTA

A GTA5 Mod Manager that encourages developers to conform to a universal standard

The goal is this project is to give users an easy tool to manage their ASI mods and when its avabile game repacked modfications; while also attempting to sway developers into packaging info rich jsons with their mods for the manager to read; thus making it easy to update modfications and keep track of who made what

An example of that format is

“author”: “Andrew”,
“name”: “UFO Stripper Dropper”,
“version”: “0.1”,
“remote_version_url”: “”,
“remote_url”: “”,
“twitter”: “andrewmd5”
A goal further down the line is to allow developers to use my vast amount of remote hardware to host their mods on my site, so that this MM can easily update as they push to their branches.


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