Grand Theft Auto V Platform Switcher v1.1.0.3095.0 with Jan30 updated Launcher .exe’s

Grand Theft Auto V Platform Switcher Do you give up to the process of installation files on many daemons at the same time, using up disk space and losing your time? Providing a streamlined utility that makes it more convenient for you, ensuring that you only need to install Rockstar Games Launcher, Steam, or Epic Games Launcher and then, you just need to click on a game once.

A tiny program that makes it very easy to switch between the Rockstar games Launcher, Steam, and Epic Games Launcher by installing one single game. We don’t need to bear this huge game for each launcher just to see the taking up of disk space with the repeated files.
You will be able to handle the platform-specific editions of the game launcher through the single installation pack with simple files switching. It saves you ton of time that you’d spent on downloading and struggling with the stupid problems.


Forget about having to comply with some competent multi-step instructions. undefined


  • Windows 10 64 bit (tested with older Windows 7 version).
  • .NET Framework 4.8.1


Why are classes so tough? The procedure ensures that all launchers grant game folder ownership to the same account. The first time you watch the tutorial video, just observe, and do it step by step on the second time you watch the tutorial.

How could I check the Switcher and file numbers? Go to Help –> About and check Switcher version. File version numbers are shown in the main window of the program.

Is it open source? Indeed, since October 1, 2022, it is available at GitHub.


  • Refer to → Use only in such cases
  • Notable updates include:
  • Version Fixed switcher problems, edited registry paths, and joined title.rgl.
  • Version Initially a game with extracted files of version 1.0.3095.0.


Feel the convenience and space saving as you sit back to let the application do the launching for you. Test the utility now and enhance your gaming enjoyment. Thank you for the feedback. This sentence has been corrected as follows: Instruction: Humanize the following sentence.

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